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To A Cappella

Friday 1/19/24 at 7:30 pm
in Hertz Hall
Free Admission

Meet Your Hosts!


We're an all-inclusive lower-voices a cappella group known for our fun performances and original music!

Since our founding in 2000, we’ve gone million-view-viral on YouTube multiple times, released an album entirely composed of original songs, and performed for Cal Athletics and at UC Berkeley's 2022 commencement!



In the year 2000, a rag-tag group of brave souls banded together to accomplish something great that would change the world as we knew it. But they failed. So they did the next best thing. Since then, Noteworthy has been serenading the people of UC Berkeley and beyond with sonic styles across all genres and all levels of comedy. Along the way, we have endured episodes of accidental bank robbery, rogue capitalistic holiday mascots, and rediscovering the power of friendship every semester because the plot demands it. Through this emerged Berkeley's "brightest a cappella group on campus!” Our legal team told us to put that in quotes.


Cal Jazz Choir

The Cal Jazz Choir, or CJC, is a co-ed, student-led a cappella ensemble dedicated to exploring the colorings of vocal jazz. CJC draws its repertoire from the music of jazz greats such as Duke Ellington, Bill Evans, Chick Corea, as well as from popular vocal jazz groups like The Real Group, Take 6, Singers Unlimited, and The Manhattan Transfer.​


Nikkei Choral Ensemble

We are the Nikkei Choral Ensemble, also known as NiCE! We're an acapella group that sings in both Japanese and English; our entirely member-selected and arranged repertoire consists of a wide variety of pieces ranging from western pop and indie to songs from anime and games, Jpop, classic Japanese songs, and more. Our repertoire changes every semester depending on what our members want to arrange and sing. We are currently holding auditions for all voice parts, no experience required! For more information, please visit our website at


For Christ's Sake

As the Christian a cappella group at UC Berkeley, we have come together across campus fellowships and churches to proclaim the good news of the Gospel through song to our campus and community. Our hope is that through music we can better understand and share with others the knowledge that every good thing in us is for Christ’s sake, as expressed in Philemon 1:6 — "And I pray that the fellowship of your faith may become effective through the knowledge of every good thing which is in you for Christ's sake."



DEcadence? DeCaDANCE? DeKAWdence? No matter what you call us, DeCadence ("duh-KAY-dence") is a student-run, all-inclusive a capella group that loves to add some music and fun to your day. We sing indie, pop, jazz, and any other genre that comes our way, often while sporting our iconic gold capes!


Cal Chorale

Previously the Women's and Men's Chorales, the Cal Chorale is open to all Cal

students. Along with our sub-choirs Treble Chorale and Basso Chorale, we sing a broad range of music in all styles and voicings.


Artists in Resonance

Artists in Resonance, casually known on campus as AiR, is the premier and oldest independent co-ed a cappella group of the University of California, Berkeley. We've come a long way from our humble beginnings in 1987. We now have fifteen amazing performers and our repertoire consists of self-arranged pieces, ranging from indie to jazz to traditional fight songs and Top 40 hits.


Perfect Fifth

Perfect Fifth is a small student-directed all-gender a cappella choir taking classically inspired singing to new heights. Specializing in music of the Renaissance, our repertoire ranges from the beginnings of western polyphonic music in the Middle Ages all the way to contemporary art music.


California Golden Overtones

We’re the California Golden Overtones, UC Berkeley’s premier all-female identifying a cappella group, and you can find us underneath Berkeley’s beautiful Sather Gate every Friday at 1 pm! We’re currently looking for new members and will be holding our auditions soon. All voice parts are needed, including beatboxers! If you or anyone you know loves to sing, please send them our way, we would love to have you! For more information, please check us out on Instagram at @californiagoldenovertones, or dm us with any questions! We have a couple songs prepared for you all today, and we hope you enjoy!


UC Men's Octet

The UC Men's Octet is the premier a cappella group at the University of California, Berkeley. Founded in 1948, the Octet has entertained audiences with close harmonies, zany stage antics, and our wide repertoire of barbershop, doo-wop, contemporary pop, modern alternative, and of course, Cal fight songs. The group has released dozens of recordings over the years and has shined on the biggest stages, winning the International Competition of Collegiate A Cappella twice.

We sing regularly on campus and around the Bay Area for alumni groups and the public, culminating in our annual Spring Show. That being said, our most important performances are every Wednesday at 1pm under the beautiful Sather Gate! If you would like to join the fun, we are holding auditions by appointment for the next two weeks, so sign up today! (Information located in our bio on Instagram: @uc_mensoctet)


Trill Seekers

Trill Seekers is an all gender group of singers and friends who care deeply about performing fun, moving, and harmonically complex songs that span many genres and decades. We are comprised of undergraduate and graduate students, as well as recent grads and members of the broader community. We are currently auditioning all voice parts, and would love to hear from you! Visit to learn more about our group and auditions!


Drawn To Scale

Drawn to Scale (DtS) is a co-ed a cappella group at UC Berkeley composed of a diverse group of dedicated, caring, and talented students. They continuously strive to maintain a high standard of musicality while bringing student-made arrangements to life in exciting and innovative ways. From pop to contemporary, rock, indie, R&B, Drawn to Scale has a wide-ranging repertoire ready to perform for any event.


Noteworthy Again!

Gee, what is there to say that hasn't been said already. Well, we're holding auditions from Saturday 1/20 to Friday 1/26. You can sign up here!

We're looking for lower voices (alto, tenors, baritones, and basses) as well as vocal percussionists. All genders are welcome, and don’t be reluctant if you haven’t had a lot of experience with singing! We have seen many of our members grow greatly as singers during their time in the group!

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